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We like to talk about applications, and we know that you want to know the best to have them installed on your smartphones. Of course, everyone wants to have the most useful inside their device, we never know when they may need us or get us out of a hurry.

For this reason today we want to show several useful applications for our Android device, some of them will know, others maybe not. But the purpose of the compilation is that we all know what apps are worth being on our mobile, ready? Let’s go!


The first one is Shazam, a classic. Yes friends, we do not tire of introducing it in this type of lists, compilations, because we know it is very useful, and I think the words are too much for such a famous application.


However, in case someone has spent years locked in a cave or away from society, we will explain very briefly what makes Shazam. Its function is very simple, but at the same time useful, and is that the application can tell us which song we are listening to only to hear a part of it, whenever the human ear can detect the sound, Shazam will also be able to inform us about the name And the author of the same.


Today’s smartphones allow us to carry out practically all kinds of actions, and the office is a sector in which it has also gotten in full. CamScanner is an application that we should all have in our mobile, since it allows scanning documents with just one photo.


We have the possibility to choose any document, take a photo and have it scanned instantly, magic! The truth is that it is incredible, I have it in my terminal installed and has a lot of options to edit the documents, from cropping the image as we want until we modify the saturation and the contrast of the image.


Another application known by most users, either by the version found on mobile devices, or the program available for the computer. It does not matter, the point is that this is a very useful service that we have available for free.


What does TeamViewer do? Something simple as well as useful, and is that allows us to use our computer from our Android device, be it a phone or a tablet. In addition, we have the possibility of transferring files between Android and the computer, so this is a great application that can not miss in our mobile.


We bring you one of the applications most indicated so you can have your feeds, and is that this service increased its popularity just after Google decided to end with Reader. It gave the opportunity to migrate all the feeds to its web, and of course, this enamored all the users.


If you like to be informed of everything that interests you, Feedly is your application, create your own Feeds and organize as you want. The platform offers several tools and functions to make reading as comfortable as possible.


Everyone knows compressed files, those that often end up with the extension .RAR, well, we bring you an application that gives us the ability to unzip these files, as if we were on the computer we will.


What’s more, this is the official application that launched WinRAR for mobile devices, all a success since we currently receive a large amount of these files on our mobile. We can decompress different types of files, it makes paper as file explorer since we can manage them through the application itself.

Do you have any of these apps installed on your smartphone?

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