These are the cards you should never mix in Clash Royale

Clash Royale Tips

Nobody can deny the great ability that Supercell has to create and develop successful games on mobile platforms. And is that, game that launch, game that most ended up downloading and installing on our smartphone.

It already happened with Clash of Clans and with Boom Beach, and both supposed a success that has been copied in multitude of occasions by other developers, but, the success that has had Clash Royale seems much more evident.

And, as it is a game that can end completely with your nerves, from now on we will be teaching you a series of tricks and tips. Today, in particular, we are going to tell you which are the cards that you should never mix in Clash Royale.

These are the cards that you should never put together in the same deck of Clash Royale

If you’ve played Clash Royale, you probably already know: it’s a game where strategy is vital. And this strategy does not start at the time of playing, but begins at the same time you build your deck.

You can set this freely, but the best way you can do this is with cards that are offset, so that you have a balanced deck. Therefore, you should never put together a series of letters that we will explain below.


Tanks that cost a lot elixir

Many players make the big mistake of putting together in the same deck several “tanks” – as they are called the characters with many points of life – in the same deck. These cards usually cost a lot of elixir but if you use this Clash Royale Cheats generator everything free, which makes it take longer to release another card, and therefore, we can not carry out a good attack.

In addition, these cards can only attack structures, and can not defend against the cards that the opponent takes to defend himself. Therefore, in a deck with several tanks that cost a lot of elixir, we will be doomed to failure. The ideal is to have only one of this type, or two at most. You can even play without any.

Cards that do not attack the Air Troops

As you know, in Clash Royale there are air cards and land cards, and there are some land cards that are not capable of attacking the air cards. Well, it is indispensable that you have in your deck letters capable of attacking air targets.

This has a simple explanation, and is that if you are attacked with air cards, you will not be able to defend yourself. Therefore, it is very important that you do not combine only land-based cards in your deck. This danger increases if the opponent has a Lava Hound, since if you do not have several cards to defend it, you can give up.

Weak Troops

Other cards that you must be very careful when combining are weak cards. And, when you put together a few cards of this type in your deck, you run the risk of a rival trunk or wizard end up with all the elixir you just spent in a second.

Therefore, it is best to combine the weak troops with a tank, like the Noble Giant, so that while enemy troops attack this, your weak troops attack the tower. It is a strategy very used and that, normally, usually surprise the rival, since in many occasions they do not give importance to the weak troops that attack to you.

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