These are the best combinations of cards in Clash Royale

best combinations of cards in Clash Royale

We are already a few users that we are addicted to Clash Royale, and is that, game that launches Supercell, game that triumphs. As you know, it is a game that relies heavily on strategy, and in which players have many cards available to match. So there are many possibilities, both to attack and to defend.

That’s why, after having taught you the cards you should never mix in Clash Royale, let’s show you the first of several articles talking about a series of cards that complement each other perfectly, and that will surely help you to attack best.

These are the cards that complement each other better

Next we will teach you the pairs of two cards that best complement each other. But beware, you must keep in mind that two cards are not going to win a game, these have to be well complemented with the rest of the deck. We are simply going to give you some ideas to be part of your own combination, here we go!

Clash Royale update bandit battle clans

Mini Peka and Army of Skeletons

This pair is a true blessing in the lower sands, since it is difficult to stop if you are a little experienced user, in addition, if land troops throw you to defend them, these will entertain with the skeletons, and the Mini Peka will be able to eliminate the rivals that They stalk you.

In addition, when they reach the tower, the skeletons will attack en masse, and with the great power of the Mini Peka, it will not take long for you to drop the tower. However you must be careful, since a Horde of Minions can end your attack in a single moment. Therefore, it would not be bad if you had arrows at hand.

Clash royale combinations

Magician and Giant

This combination is the best you can do in Clash Royale. Its operation is very simple, you throw the giant in front, and behind the magician, so that the latter will eliminate the rival defenses, that, possibly, will be weak and will succumb to him. In this way, the rival will cost a lot of elixir defend himself and, surely, you will throw the tower.

The best way to launch the mage is when the giant is crossing the bridge, and a safe distance. In this way the rival will not know your intentions until the end, and will not be able to defend the mage first.

Clash royale combinations

Miner and Horde of Minions

This is, par excellence, one of the combinations less expected at times by the rival. It consists of throwing the miner to a tower, but eye, to its sides or to the back. Then we will launch the hordes of henchmen. What usually happens? Well, while the rival is worried about defending the miner – if he defends it – we will launch the horde super easy with the Clash Royale Hack tool, which will arrive and eliminate the defense and do much damage to the rival tower.

It can happen that the opponent defends with a magician, that’s why we should not put the miner in the front of the tower, because if we put it there we run the risk of the magician damage our Horde of Minions. Of course, if the opponent has arrows, you can neutralize the henchmen without problem.

Clash royale combinations

Hog Rider and Spirits of Fire

This, like the previous one, is a very used combination. It is as simple as throwing the mountaineers, and a little later the spirits of fire so that if the rival is able to defend with a Horde of Minions, an Army of Skeletons or a Gang of elves, the Spirits eliminate them without problems.

Clash royale combinations

If using this Hog Rider is at a high level, you will wreak havoc on the tower of your rival, which, at first, will doubt, between defense, or let the tower eliminate the Hog Rider.

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