iPhone 8: Apple returns stainless steel case with glass back

iPhone 8

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has been using particularly light but also scratch-resistant aluminum as a housing material for its smartphone. With the next model should change, the iPhone 8 should be forged from stainless steel and be provided with a glass back.

For months, rumors have circulated that Apple for the iPhone 8 of the unibody design , which has been cultivated for several generations of devices, will be put on a mix of glass and metal. The Taiwanese economic magazine Digitimes now comes to the information that Apple will also abdicate the aluminum used since the iPhone 5 and will set as on the iPhone 4 on a scaffold of stainless steel. However, this is not to be cut from a single block with the CNC milling machine as in the 2010 model, but is to be forged from several components. This makes the metal less susceptible to cracks and more stable.

For the production of the new chassis, Apple allegedly does not rely on the services of Foxconn, but the US-based Jabil Circuit. It is possible that this may also be a first concession to to enter in two weeks US president Donald Trump, who on the home market from Apple, the relocation of production demanded . The fact that Apple is based on the material used in iPhone 8 on the iPhone 4, fits perfectly into the picture, on the stainless steel frame, the company is expected to put a glass plate.

Until a few months ago it was still talked about the fact that Apple would produce the anniversary anniversary iPhone, which is expected for the autumn, completely from glass , the cover glass would be wrapped around the sides. If appropriate plans actually existed, they were apparently abandoned , according to at least the well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and the Japanese Apple fan magazine Macotakara. Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhones this year, next to the iPhone 8 with new design and OLED display yet two S models of the current iPhone 7.

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