iOS 11 creates 32-bit apps

iOS 11

With the next edition of the iPhone and iPad operating system, Apple scans 32-bit apps. In iOS 11, only apps based on 64-bit architecture should be able to run. Thus, first devices for the update are also excluded.

With iOS 11, Apple finally pulls the plug after a long transition phase: the new mobile operating system will no longer support 32-bit programs. On the one hand, this is clear from a report by the company Sensor Tower , which deals with the evaluation of app usage. On the other hand, the current beta version of iOS 10.3 gives an unmistakable warning as soon as a 32-bit app is started. “This app will not work with future versions of iOS.” Programmers are prompted to ensure 64-bit compatibility.

Already since iOS 10, users of an iPhone or iPad are informed by a dialog window when they start a 32-bit app – the app could adversely affect the performance of the device, it says. In addition, Apple introduced a 64-bit commitment in February 2015 to all apps included in the App Store, which are new or updated for the company.

According to Sensor Tower estimates, currently 8 percent of all programs offered on the Apple download platform are still based on 32-bit architecture. With iOS 11, the vendor could suddenly fail to support about 187,000 apps, and the more than two years of untested applications would not run on any device with the new operating system.

First devices fail for iOS 11 update

The 32-bit support setting also allows for first conclusions about which devices are still upgraded to iOS 11, iPhones and iPads with a 32-bit processor will no longer receive the new operating system version. For iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C and iPad 4 – each of which is at least four years old to launch iOS 11 in the autumn and thus in the usual support timeframe – iOS 10 remains the last major operating system version. The new Apple operating system is expected to be presented at the WWDC keynote on June 5th.

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