Do you remember the S8 transparent? The same user has done it again with an LG G6


The design of mobile phones is becoming one more aspect to take into account when making a purchase. But it is also increasingly common that users themselves try to modify such aesthetics through skins or modifications in materials.

The most outlandish thing we’ve seen in this aspect was the modification of the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to make it transparent, a process that left us impressed. Now, the same user has managed to do the same with an LG G6, and the result is also quite surprising.

This is the LG G6 transparent

JerryRigEverything, the creator of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s transparency, has decided to repeat the same process with the LG G6, the flagship of the Korean company that, like the Galaxy S8 is characterized by exquisite design. Something that, many may like, just like computers. But that to others, including myself, seems to us an excessive risk to assume, and more if we consider the price that costs an LG G6 or Galaxy S8.

In this case, the process is very similar to that followed in the case of S8, first remove the back cover by applying heat, later remove the sticker and remove the component that enables the wireless load – something that will make you lose this feature .

However, it seems that this modification brings less problems in the LG G6, since in the case of the Samsung terminal, there have been problems related to the internal thermometer of the terminal. But, thankfully, it is easily remedied by trimming a component located next to the component of the wireless load.

It should be noted that, as in the previous case, with this change, you may win in aesthetic, but surely lose in functionality, as it will make your LG G6 can not enjoy the wireless load and water resistance And IP 68 dust, something the company has taken years to implement on its flagship.

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