Traffic Light Changer for iPhone is a Hit!

Almost a year later, we finally released a new application, Traffic Light Changer for Free. Within a day, it has already ranked #105 (according to app position iphone application) in the utilities category, almost breaking the top 100 charts. We’re hoping it will break the 100 mark, in which case it will probably climb even […]

iCaption Mobile is Now Available! Free!

All right! It’s been 3, no wait…4 months in the making, and iCaption Mobile has finally been approved and on sale in the app store! The success of the app depends on how many people use it, which is why we made it absolutely free! Please, check it out and have fun with it. It’s […]

Baby Maker Costs and Earning Report – In the Black

Pat here: I’m the guy on the left, Quoc is on the right. That’s our “baby” below. So it’s been about 50 days since Baby Maker was approved by Apple and on sale in the App Store. We’re very happy to say that we’ve earned enough money from the application to cover the development costs, […]

iCaption Mobile – New iPhone App Preview

We’re really excited to give you a preview of another iPhone app we have under development, iCaption Mobile, which should be in the App Store within a couple of weeks. We’ve spent a good three months working with our developer on this, and we’re REALLY happy with the outcome We’re hoping it blows all of […]

New iPhone Application, Baby Maker! On Sale Today!

Pat Here: I’m so excited to announce that LOLer Apps’ second iPhone application, Baby Maker! is on sale today! Our slogan: “Don’t SHAKE Babies, Make Babies!” has already gotten some buzz, and so has our app. Here’s what it does: You can take pictures of two people and see what their baby might look like! […]

Earnings Report: 1 Month in the App Store, Numbers and Results!

Pat here: So it’s been a month since we’ve released iPopit! for sale in the app store, and we’d love to share the results with you. In 30 days, we’ve sold 252 units. At $0.99 each, and a 30% commission for Apple, we’ve earned a total of $150.71. (Some of the units were free copies […]

Why Outsourcing iPhone Apps was a No-Brainer for Us

Writing my very first blog post ever! Pat has been doing an awesome job so far designing all of our sites and keeping the blogs updated. I think it’s time I put in a few words as the other and only team member of LOLer Apps. It seems so long ago that we came up […]

10 Must Read Tips About Outsourcing Your iPhone Application Ideas

Pat here again: I’m going to pass on a little bit of knowledge about what we learned during the process of working with a developer for our iPhone apps. Here are 10 must read tips, in chronological order, about outsourcing your iPhone app. 1. Be Professional Right From The Start It’s very important that the […]

So You Have an iPhone App Idea, But Don’t Know How To Program

Pat Here: If you’re like a lot of people these days, an idea for an iPhone app pops into your head now and again, only to be followed by feelings of  doubt. The doubt comes not  because your idea isn’t good  (you know it’s a great idea, which is why you can’t get it out […]

LOLer Apps is Live!

As of today, April 3rd, 2009, the LOLer Apps website is now live! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. It’s going to be a wild ride (we hope), and we’re excited to see how our iPhone application experiments pan out. For those of you who are new to this blog, we’re planning […]

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